The power of your own business app

20 May 2021

Work faster, more overview and fewer errors: results we all strive for. But how do you do that? Indispensable here is the automation of processes. By building an app in which you can easily store and collect data, you save a lot of time and therefore also costs. Horti Analytics builds applications via PowerApps, part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Gogi Putkaradze specializes in digital transformation. He makes action plans for horticultural companies to be able to work data-driven. One of his areas of expertise is PowerApps, he guides projects and developers in building smart applications.

PowerApps is about automating business processes. Can you give an example of such a process?

A good example is our most recently developed app: the Horti Control App. We made them for a commercial nursery in pot plants. Previously, they received a container with the ordered plants, the container was checked for content and quality, and the data was then manually entered into Excel. The result is that you have a lot of Excel lists, a lot of data, but not much is actually done with it anymore. We have developed an app for this process. As soon as a container arrives, all information is immediately transferred to the app. You can add photos and you run a checklist about the quality. A report is automatically printed and you can find everything in one place.

And what is the big advantage of that?

You get an overview. You can see in a dashboard which supplier delivers good products and therefore also who, for example, delivers 10% poor quality on average. This gives you a better negotiating position and it becomes clear who you do and do not want to work with. At the same time, of course, it also saves you a lot of time. Manual entry is labor intensive and you make mistakes faster. This is an example of product quality control, but we also build apps for time registration of staff, for example. In this way, the manager immediately receives interesting information, without having to spend time on it. Who did what? How many hours has someone worked? How’s the productivity? A lot is possible with PowerApps, we look at where the most profit can be achieved per company.

Isn’t building such an app very expensive?

Building an application via PowerApps is different from developing an app completely yourself. PowerApps has its own environment in which many formulas are already available, such as security. If you develop an app completely yourself, you also have to write codes yourself to properly secure your app and all incoming information. PowerApps is from Microsoft, they have already programmed these kinds of complex formulas.

Data in horticulture can no longer be ignored. Why has it become so popular in recent years?

Companies are getting bigger. Many nurseries are growing fast, there are acquisitions and expansion. These entrepreneurs have an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of horticulture, but they often lack knowledge about IT, data and automation. If you employ 100 people, the need for overview and digitization also arises. In addition, making decisions based on figures is a lot easier.

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