We are Horti Analytics

Horti Analytics specializes in Business Intelligence and Analytics within the Horticulture sector.

The unique business formula of Horti Analytics is data know-how, combined with business and logistics expertise in the horticultural sector gained by Triple Groups’ specialists with years of experience in the field. Horti Analytics provides essential insights in and for your organization. With data- and predictive solutions, we aim to improve your business processes and results, leading to less costs, more sales, and more profits!

Easy.                  Insightful.                 Result-driven.


How can Horti Analytics be of service to you?

Business Intelligence

We provide essential insights in your data. Valuable information will be provided (real-time) in dashboards, delivered in a clear and concise way. Relevant and important information at the right time!

Business Analytics

Valuable (and predictive) information can be used as a tool. Step by step, we will help your company towards a more data-driven organization.

Horti Analytics is your partner in data

We provide you with the right information and insights, so that you are able to make the right operational and strategic decisions at the right time. Simply by using data that you have already been collecting over the years, this is made possible. We focus on the horticulture sector as we have gained lots of experience and expertise here during the years. By horticulture, we mean all business connecting to it; Seed suppliers, growers, export/trading companies, logistics service provides etc.

We are specialized in:


Fruit and vegetable sector


Flowers and plants sector


Transport and logistics