From customer data to customer insights

27 July 2021

There is a huge acceleration in e-commerce. That is the case in the consumer market, but in B2B you see the same acceleration. “Due to increasing online sales, more and more data on surfing behaviour, interests and previous purchases is becoming available. This data makes it possible to make many personalized offers online and to respond well to the needs and wishes of the customer,” says Ricardo Prins, specialist in the field of data and e-commerce. In this article he explains how exporters, suppliers and growers can deal with the digital turnaround.

‘Digital sales are becoming more important.’ How do you notice that?

The floriculture e-commerce turnover in Europe is expected to increase fivefold in the next 10 years, from over $2 billion to over $11 billion. Online sales are the future, developments are going fast. Companies in the horticultural sector are also noticing that they can get more out of digital sales. You can easily follow ordering process, surfing and search behavior via data. For example, you can see which website visitors are searching for a certain product. If you notice that they do not purchase, you can start analyzing. How can we ensure that the visitor does buy the product?

How can companies get started with those insights themselves?

First of all, it is important that you have basic commercial knowledge in-house. You start by segmenting: who are your (potential) customers? You map out the different personas. Once this is clear, you can segment further based on behavior. Which customers order regularly? Who are the ‘sleeping customers’? What are they clicking on? Who places something in the shopping cart, but drops out anyway? It is important to recognize patterns per target group.

How can companies with a B2B webshop benefit from this?

Think about shop optimization. You can see which products are being searched for. If these are products that you do not offer, you can consider broadening the range. You can also optimize the naming of products. For example, if someone searches for ‘lily’, they can also search for Lillia. It is important that your products are easy to find in the webshop.

Where can you find all this data?

You can collect a lot of data with Google Analytics. It is crucial to link both internal and external data sources to this. This way you can link visitor data (surf, search, click data, etc.) to customers and registered users. We provide insight into this in PowerBI, among other things, and in this way you turn anonymous Google Analytics data into valuable insights into customers/users. Which customer or which type of customer (florist, garden center) exhibits which (online) behavior? The commercial potential of these insights is enormous. But also think about increasing customer satisfaction.

Can you explain what PowerBI is and how it works?

Power BI helps in making the combination and visualization of Google Analytics data and other (webshop/customer) data. This allows you to map out the order flow. For example, you see that someone has been introduced to your company via social media, then they saw an online campaign and then a purchase was made. This way you make the link between different data sources, and you know what effect certain campaigns have had on the user or customer. In this way you come to valuable connections and insights.

How do you help customers in this process?

Mainly because of my e-commerce and data knowledge. I use this in the support and guidance of customers. I watch as an expert in my field and then give advice. Companies can take up this advice themselves, but my company Horti Analytics can also help with this. We have the knowledge to properly set up Google Analytics, in combination with Power BI. We analyze all data sources and look for connections, which creates insight. We make this insight visual in dashboards, but we mainly ensure that the insights are translated into concrete actions. In this way we can capitalize on the commercial potential. We usually remain involved with our customers, even if only in an advisory role, but the focus is mainly on whether we are capitalizing on a greater return for our customer. My second venture Horti Online can also play an important role. The Horti Online team ensures that the marketing message reaches the segmented target group. And thus the right measurable results are achieved. This can be through social media advertising or e-mail marketing.

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