Data is crucial for a future-proof company

5 November 2021

Marcel van der Zwan has been co-owner of Triple Group since 2018. His focus is on organizational coaching. This is in line with his areas of expertise: strategic management, interim management and finance business guidance. “The goal is to make organizations more sales-oriented, in order to increase returns. This requires a strong organizational structure. It’s my job to realize this.”

Marcel built up many relationships within the horticultural sector during his years at Dutch multinational banking and financial services company Rabobank. “At Rabobank, my focus was already on interim assignments and strategy. You need that experience to develop an organization in such a way that strategic ambitions are properly executed.” Horti Analytics was established through a collaboration with Triple Group, the knowledge and network center for the greenhouse horticulture sector. The knowledge and expertise of Triple Group comes together with Business Intelligence and Data Science knowledge of Horti Analytics.


Why is Horti Analytics an added value for Triple Group?

“Organizations still make too many decisions based on gut feeling. I am more of a numbers person. Data is a part of my work, objective measurements. The sector is undergoing major developments, but I have seen many companies in the sector who don’t made decisions always supported by data. To make the improvement and profit potential visible, we need good cost price analyzes and dashboards. Dashboards that provide insight, so that clear analyzes and actions can ultimately be drawn up.”

And what is the added value of Triple Group for Horti Analytics?

“Horti Analytics provides the tools, which we can then apply within the organization. Not everyone can immediately read a dashboard, you have to learn to understand what is happening and draw conclusions from it. These conclusions can be translated into action. We therefore offer companies support to work well with data, so that they can get to work with it themselves.”

What does knowledge of data bring to a company?

“Focus. That is perhaps the most important thing within a strong organization. The right use of data ensures that you are (and remain) focused and that employees are satisfied. In order to achieve this, there must be insight. What happens within a company? What is the return on the actions, which (market) developments do we see and how do you respond to them as effectively as possible? If you manage to translate that into a clear overview of actions, you are ‘in control’ as we call it.

Certain situations become clear, you know which decisions you have to make. Just think of the volatility of product prices. You can analyze very well with data and you can anticipate this by means of artificial intelligence software. If you make the right decisions as a company, this ensures trust and satisfied employees. The key to a future-proof company.

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